Why Choose Us

We provide a broad array of accounting and financial services for you and your business.


From simple to complex tax returns, we’ve got you covered. Our tax professionals have seen it all.


Thousands of small, medium and large businesses use Easy Money Tax Services each year for their tax return preparation.


Attempting to do payroll on your own for your small business could put you at risk of facing IRS penalties and fines, and late tax filings.

Tax preparation service expertise, no matter how you file.

We’re a tax preparation company that offers all the tax services you need. We also offer all the filing options you want. You can file your taxes at one of our local offices. Now with more ways to get your maximum tax refund, guaranteed.

Why Choose Us for your Tax Preparation?

At Easy Money Tax Service, we think our clients deserve more – more experience, more knowledge & expertise, more peace-of-mind.

What makes us different, and better, than other Tax preparation in Charlotte NC?

Easy, Painless tax preparation

Dedicated friendly and inclusive atmosphere

affordable prices

Individualized service and support

Dependability – We’ve been here for our clients – helping them build their business since 2013. Many of our clients consider us part of their team…because they know they can count on us to get the job done right the first time.

Affordability– while we have the talent, experience and expertise of the “big guys”…our services are priced significantly less. We even offer discounts to organized clients.

Attention To Detail– as a participant in the AICPA’s Peer Review Program, we’ve received the highest rating for meeting the program’s stringent accounting standards. That’s because we are laser-focused on the work we do for you. No detail is overlooked. No question goes unanswered.

Responsiveness – We know precise deadlines are a part of doing business. Our goal is the same as yours – finish the work on time (and within budget), and spare you the stress of last minute rushes. Need advice or have questions? We promise a quick response to every call or email.

Our goal is to provide professional advice, support and guidance every step of the way as your business and your personal life evolves.  When you work with Easy Money Tax Service, you will always receive the benefit of our experienced staff, timely services, and a fee you can live with.

Easy Money Tax Service is a tax firm for people whose tax returns have gotten more complicated and time consuming, and would like help in filing their taxes or doing their accounting. We work closely with our clients, advising them on the best strategic tax decisions in order to maximize the benefits available within tax law. We are a friendly group of professional tax experts who make tax prep and accounting easy for our clients and we spend the time to explain complicated tax matters.

We are not just a tax return preparation office. We take a holistic approach by examining the inter-dependencies between your tax return and your finances. We advise our clients on both the short and long term financial strategies.

Customized Tax Solutions

Our experienced tax professionals will analyze your situation and offer one-to-one & tailor made tax solutions which best suits you.

Free Consultation

We offer free consultation to our clients. We will answer all your basic tax related questions and queries without any fee.

Secure Online System

Security and confidentiality of your information is most important to us. We make sure that all your confidential data and information is secure with us.

Excellent Customer Support

We respond to all inquiries within one day and make sure to treat every client with personalized attention. 

Affordable Fee

Our fee is simple and reasonable. 

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What To Bring?

Save time and money by going to your tax interview prepared.

Your Refund Your Way

Ask your Tax expert to explain all the options that are available to you.

Make Appointment

You could get a Refund Advance Loan up to $6,000 when you file.


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Jan. 8th to Apr. 15th
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